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1. What is Syn4Data?

Syn4Data is a scientific effort aimed at solving problems in the biomedical research field. This website provides you an easy-to-use tool employing the methodology our team developed. Upload the biomedical research of your interest, publications and/or projects ) and Syn4Data will provide you a quantified cloud of the most relevant research topics for your research (see here how).

2. Scientific Panomorama and its Challenges for the Scientific Community

This panorama leads to difficulties in:

3. How does Syn4Data work?

4. Can Syn4Data help Researchers?

Our clouds use a standard biomedical language - MeSh terms (see here), adding reproducibility and comparability between data sources . We believe that through published research metadata and data visualization, we can efficiently describe and sumarize skillsets, areas of expertise and identify trends in the biomedical field. Information about which research is being done where, who is doing it and based on which skills are fundamental questions that we have to answer to improve science-related decision-making and potentiate synergies.

5. Examples of use

6. Presentations and Awards: